I just found out that 1 picture a week under the 2500 picture storage limit would last almost 48 YEARS. I would be in 60’s by the time i would end the comic. oh well.


Preemptive Question Answering.

Q-What is “October 32’nd”?

A- Imagine God as a somewhat dickish, yet largely happy-go-lucky bubble-thingy.

Q- What is “SWO32”?

A- It takes place in the same world as “October 32’nd”, but sans God, and with the same humor.

Q- “Art Day?”

A- We put up random sketches, some of them are funny, some are serious, some…..are just some.




Hello; and Reddit.

So yeah, we ( The Collective; AR, GO, and S) setting up shop here as freelance comic artists.

Will our drawings be terrible? Maybe.

Will our comics be funny? Mostly.

Will you enjoy the ride? Definitely.

Thanks to some kind redditors(greytrench, and trogglecopter) for giving us the balls to start this little experiment.

Comics will be updated weekly, and we’re feelin’ a strong, “Tuesday-ey” vibe in our works.

See you all next Tuesday!