S’Shot’s and Series: Inanimate objects 1

A battle of wills.

We all fight with our food, but the food may fight back….

I won both battle and war,



Musings: Apocalypse How?

It’s that wonderful time of the century again. No, not when the Government gets overthrown, but when world gets thrown for a loop, thinking that the end days are nigh. This time, the flavor of the disaster cake tastes strongly of human paranoia. All that Mayan Calendar and I Ching stuff have only served to provide the frosting of this cake.

For me, the preferred apocalypse would be riddled with zombies. Something of a mix between The Walking Dead‘s “walkers” and the zombies of Left 4 Dead. If you got bitten, you wouldn’t necessarily die (unless you’re in a mob of zombies), instead, the virus/bacteria/mold/amoeba/whosit would lay dormant until death; then, your body would morph depending on your level of strength and weight in real life.

My only hope is that if it should happen, I want to show up late to the party.



Super-Beings: The Ballad of SuperRodriguez

The Ring of Powers

That’s right….I have another cameo. SuperRodriguez(me), was a simple man until he found  a ring; a ring that gave him the  superpowers of every character ever made by Marvel or DC Comics. Not technically copyright infringement, but who cares.

Want to see a specific superpower in the next issue of “Super-Beings”? Let me know in either the comments section, or through e-mail at:

rockclimbingsavant2010@yahoo.com . Be sure to put “Super-Beings” as the subject or I may not answer.

P.S.- That is a gay-man wearing ass-less chaps. Hopefully this clears up the story.



Posting Schedule of Humour

Any drawings, like the comic series, and “Art Day”, will be updated on Tuesdays.

“Musings” will get updated on a more sporadic basis; pretty much when I find something to talk about.



Musings: Mixed Drinks Rustle My Jimmies.

Now, everyone knows what mixed drinks can do:

Red Bull + Vodka= Energetic Drunk

Irish car Bomb= A naked lap around the bar

Jägermeister + Anything that is not ice= Immediate Vomiting

It’s around that time of year when big brand, hard-liquor comes out with experimental brews; Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey came out around this time last year, and as it is still in stores, I can only assume that it tastes good. But, there are 2 new bottles looking to drive themselves into the ground: Smirnoff Whipped Cream Flavored Vodka, and JaMex.

Vodka, as far as I can tell, is supposed to taste like a boiling hot potato (or corn, depending on the brand) being shoved into your mouth. Whipped Cream, however, is fatty, and has a strong and delicious flavor resembling marshmallows and milk. I only find it sad that Smirnoff couldn’t figure out that “Boiling Marshmallow Potato Cream” only sounds good on paper; expect it to be off the shelves by September.

JaMex (a name I have sadly forgotten), is a newly marketed mixture of tequila and rum.  As a pre-bought mixed-drink, I can only imagine the numerous drunk driving accidents caused by it. Off-shelf? About 2 years; it’s a cheaper alternative to buying separate liquors.

Drunkenly yours,


October 32’nd: The Imgur.com Chronicles

Ah! I see you may or may not have been patient! Either way, here is a duck:

A cleverly disguised duck

Anypoodle, here are you comics

October 32’nd-Origin for today:

All Jeff wanted was to hang out with Katie….http://imgur.com/a/94C37#0

October 32’nd-Utah Religious Convention

Like ComicCon, but with deities…http://imgur.com/a/gmiDa#0

October 32’nd-Philosophy of Aesthetics

A history of beauty throughout the ages; and my first cameo! It’s so meta…http://imgur.com/a/vBr1n#0

October 32’nd-The Universe

The birth, and eventual fate of the universe, also, some trinitarian referencing…http://imgur.com/a/jemhf#0