October 32’nd: The Imgur.com Chronicles

Ah! I see you may or may not have been patient! Either way, here is a duck:

A cleverly disguised duck

Anypoodle, here are you comics

October 32’nd-Origin for today:

All Jeff wanted was to hang out with Katie….http://imgur.com/a/94C37#0

October 32’nd-Utah Religious Convention

Like ComicCon, but with deities…http://imgur.com/a/gmiDa#0

October 32’nd-Philosophy of Aesthetics

A history of beauty throughout the ages; and my first cameo! It’s so meta…http://imgur.com/a/vBr1n#0

October 32’nd-The Universe

The birth, and eventual fate of the universe, also, some trinitarian referencing…http://imgur.com/a/jemhf#0




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