Musings: Mixed Drinks Rustle My Jimmies.

Now, everyone knows what mixed drinks can do:

Red Bull + Vodka= Energetic Drunk

Irish car Bomb= A naked lap around the bar

Jägermeister + Anything that is not ice= Immediate Vomiting

It’s around that time of year when big brand, hard-liquor comes out with experimental brews; Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey came out around this time last year, and as it is still in stores, I can only assume that it tastes good. But, there are 2 new bottles looking to drive themselves into the ground: Smirnoff Whipped Cream Flavored Vodka, and JaMex.

Vodka, as far as I can tell, is supposed to taste like a boiling hot potato (or corn, depending on the brand) being shoved into your mouth. Whipped Cream, however, is fatty, and has a strong and delicious flavor resembling marshmallows and milk. I only find it sad that Smirnoff couldn’t figure out that “Boiling Marshmallow Potato Cream” only sounds good on paper; expect it to be off the shelves by September.

JaMex (a name I have sadly forgotten), is a newly marketed mixture of tequila and rum.  As a pre-bought mixed-drink, I can only imagine the numerous drunk driving accidents caused by it. Off-shelf? About 2 years; it’s a cheaper alternative to buying separate liquors.

Drunkenly yours,



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