Musings: My muses.

Everybody develops a post like this every once in a while, seeking to answer the question of “Where do you get your inspiration/Who inspires you?

Well here it is:

Character development comes from Dick Figures (a wonderful little YouTube web-show), in which everyone is an ass in some way or another.

The variety in art styles comes from Weebl (the manic and catchy voice of British absurdism), who has a variety of people animate his videos.

Story development comes from Baman Piderman (another show on the same channel as Dick Figures), Weebl, and Salvador Dali (one of the more famous Surrealist painters of the 20th century). Dali, because the comics and art are all based on random ideas I have; Weebl, because I strive to make the story latch onto you for days on end; and Baman Piderman, because I want the story to be engaging, yet simple.

Salvador Dali: (Its a link to Google Images; Trippy, to say the least)

Weebl: (Witness all his crazy-catchy songs!!)

Baman Piderman: (wonderfully simple, and dreadfully cute)

Dick Figures: (Their making a movie if you want to donate, follow the link below)

Dick Figures Movie Donation Efforts : (It’s legit, I assure you.)

Warmly regarded,



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