Musings: Political Par-tay!

What’s your political standing? Are you a Democrat? A Republican? Independent? Tea Party? Green Party?

My leaning is a bit touchy, to the point that my Grandparents may disinherit me, and war vets may attack me should I *ahem* “out” myself.

I am a Communist, and for those of you who thought I was going to say “homosexual”, please…never-mind. Anyways, Communism has always been seen as a great evil; the scourge of the world and the destroyer of freedom, but what people don’t usually understand is that Communism is a “Social-Political” system, and that it doesn’t always have to be a Social-Economic system. Communism doesn’t have to destroy your ability to sell or work, in fact, the worst it does is remove the Class-system and distributes wealth on a basis of need,  as opposed to want.

I plan on running for President as a Communist (keeping a Capitalist economy, of course), and using wages as my platform.

“The President has an annual salary of $400,000. In my opinion, this is too much for a man who says ‘yes/no’ and makes friends for a living. During my term in office I will accept $12,000 a year, giving the rest to the homeless citizens and charities of this great nation.”

I’ll get elected like, sooooo fast,



2 thoughts on “Musings: Political Par-tay!

  1. Supertom says:

    I think of communism like I think of socialism. It sounds great in theory and it works great if everybody works for the common good (and if everybody worked for the common good, pure capitalism would work too). The problem is, everybody wants what’s best for themselves, so if you’re guaranteed to have you needs filled, why work? That’s a lot of the reason that communism hasn’t worked, the other big reason is government corruption. You may not be corrupt, the person right after you may not be corrupt but eventually, one will be corrupt.

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