Story update and a new temporary Series.

Hey guys. So about the story….job hunting has taken a HUGE chunk of time out of my life. *audible groans from audience* Don’t worry though! I found a way to keep you occupied I’m taking you on a journey into my past! I’ve gotten a machine from a “friend” called Time And Relative Dimension In Portfolio (TARDIP)  Say hi TARDIP!





Yes, quite…now, everyone under his cloak! I assure you that its roomier than it looks! No this isn’t a “weird sex thing”. Now take these tapes with you; give TARDIP the tape whose cover matches what you’re looking at, and my pre-recorded voice will explain it. Now tah-tah! You’ll see something new everyday so go have fun until the story is written!

*onomatopoeia for a spaceship teleporting into the past*,


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