Life, Story, and Updates.

I’ve decided that I don’t really need to drop you guys into the personal happenings of my life; this blog is about your entertainment, not my diary entries.

So, Comics and Art Day updates will continue to be on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Musings will still be random.

As for the promised story, I’ve decided to embrace the “brony” part of me a little bit, and started a tumblr called Bob’s Manly Hats. “Bob’s” is the Mod Blog for a story I’m working on called Ask Doctor Sargo, the link for which can be found on “Bob’s”. It’s an ask blog, so feel free to ask anything that relates to what has happened so far.





Art Day: Hybrids #2


I don’t have a translator.


Again, Sorry about Tuesday……laying in bed from 12-3 a.m. WITHOUT falling asleep can take a lot out of you; but I think you get used to it after 2 days of it happening (Today being day 2).

So sleeeeeeeeeeeeepyyyyyyyyyyyy,


My Readers….

I need you.  Not for a depraved sex-ritual, but for this site.  I don’t do this for myself; frankly, the doodles and comics are just products of my boredom.  I post them in the hopes that somewhere, someone will see it and have a little laugh…or get confused. That’s why I need you: write down comments. What do think I should use more/less? No art is a solitary creation. I give you my hand in the hopes that you, my audience, will become my collaborators on this grand quest.



Posting Schedule Update

Graduating has really cleared up my schedule, so I announce to you some good news!

1. Earlier posting times!

2. I will now be posting on Thursdays as well!

2a. The “October 32’nd” and “SWO32” series will now be on Tuesdays, while “Art Day“, “SuperBeings” and “S’Shots & Series” will be moved to Thursdays!

2b. “Musings” will still be posted with that random quality that everyone loves!

3. This site is now 20% cooler!

Now that it deals with ponies,


Art Day: The Mighty Lion-fish.

Be glad it has no front claws.

Merry Tuesday! As my gift to you, I present more Art (call it what you will, it’s art by proclamation[don’t belive me? [])!

And your gift to me? Simple: give me ideas on what you want to see. More God? Atheists? Superbeings? Art Days?; and tell me what you want to see IN them: Putin? Dinosaurs? Putinskisaurus? LET ME KNOW!…through comments or email.