Posting Schedule Update

Graduating has really cleared up my schedule, so I announce to you some good news!

1. Earlier posting times!

2. I will now be posting on Thursdays as well!

2a. The “October 32’nd” and “SWO32” series will now be on Tuesdays, while “Art Day“, “SuperBeings” and “S’Shots & Series” will be moved to Thursdays!

2b. “Musings” will still be posted with that random quality that everyone loves!

3. This site is now 20% cooler!

Now that it deals with ponies,



Super-Beings: The Ballad of SuperRodriguez

The Ring of Powers

That’s right….I have another cameo. SuperRodriguez(me), was a simple man until he found  a ring; a ring that gave him the  superpowers of every character ever made by Marvel or DC Comics. Not technically copyright infringement, but who cares.

Want to see a specific superpower in the next issue of “Super-Beings”? Let me know in either the comments section, or through e-mail at: . Be sure to put “Super-Beings” as the subject or I may not answer.

P.S.- That is a gay-man wearing ass-less chaps. Hopefully this clears up the story.