Reminisce 9: Falcon Portals.

The Future of Martial Arts.


*MESSAGE FROM THE FUTURE* The  Story I’ve been talking about will be more along the lines of a photo journal, and will be done as daily updates.



Musings: Apocalypse How?

It’s that wonderful time of the century again. No, not when the Government gets overthrown, but when world gets thrown for a loop, thinking that the end days are nigh. This time, the flavor of the disaster cake tastes strongly of human paranoia. All that Mayan Calendar and I Ching stuff have only served to provide the frosting of this cake.

For me, the preferred apocalypse would be riddled with zombies. Something of a mix between The Walking Dead‘s “walkers” and the zombies of Left 4 Dead. If you got bitten, you wouldn’t necessarily die (unless you’re in a mob of zombies), instead, the virus/bacteria/mold/amoeba/whosit would lay dormant until death; then, your body would morph depending on your level of strength and weight in real life.

My only hope is that if it should happen, I want to show up late to the party.