Life, Story, and Updates.

I’ve decided that I don’t really need to drop you guys into the personal happenings of my life; this blog is about your entertainment, not my diary entries.

So, Comics and Art Day updates will continue to be on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Musings will still be random.

As for the promised story, I’ve decided to embrace the “brony” part of me a little bit, and started a tumblr called Bob’s Manly Hats. “Bob’s” is the Mod Blog for a story I’m working on called Ask Doctor Sargo, the link for which can be found on “Bob’s”. It’s an ask blog, so feel free to ask anything that relates to what has happened so far.





Musings: Graduation Tears

I graduated a couple of days ago, I won’t tell you from where, or what level of academic regalia I get to wear, but it was a truly moving experience. I cried; yes I, the one you all (hopefully) look up to, cried over some ancient ceremonial ceremony. But did you know that a real man cries? It shows how much he cares about the cause at hand…no matter how much he claims that it’s because the guy next him “like, totally farted.”

Not a Summa Cum Laude,