Reminisce 10: Eye-Bunny


Yeah, this Reminisce has got about 5 more post before we go back to normal.

My Tumbles: (story) (mod)

Daddy needs more followers,



Reminisce 9: Falcon Portals.

The Future of Martial Arts.


*MESSAGE FROM THE FUTURE* The  Story I’ve been talking about will be more along the lines of a photo journal, and will be done as daily updates.


Reminisce 7: Future Pets


Why yes, the top half IS upside-down.

Chihuahuas of the future

*MESSAGE FROM THE FUTURE* Story is almost done. I’ll send it up at the end of this series.


Reminisce #1:


Wanna hear a joke?


Hello! This will be the only message from me before I let the TARDIP tapes take over. The story is making progress, and it’s inspired someone to run off to tumblr and start his own “ask-y” blog. You can find him over Don’t worry though, he’ll still come back to October 32’nd every now and again.
This is back when I was heavily inspired by Cyanide & Happiness.

*Insert timey-wimey noise*,