SWO32: Sight Gags

Ooooooh a cameo!


Welp, that’s it for this week, I’ll be going to a magical land on Thursday, but I shall keep my promise and have that story ready by the time I get back.

Octogenarians throw the wildest parties,



Posting Schedule Update

Graduating has really cleared up my schedule, so I announce to you some good news!

1. Earlier posting times!

2. I will now be posting on Thursdays as well!

2a. The “October 32’nd” and “SWO32” series will now be on Tuesdays, while “Art Day“, “SuperBeings” and “S’Shots & Series” will be moved to Thursdays!

2b. “Musings” will still be posted with that random quality that everyone loves!

3. This site is now 20% cooler!

Now that it deals with ponies,