I’m ending this blog.

If you haven’t noticed, there’s been a severe drought in my postings, and I’ve ben wondering…wh should I even bother putting effort into something barely anyone cares about? I ended two tumblrs for the same reason.
The only major spikes in views I got was from linking to reddit,, and even then that was just 150 a day at max. Goes to show how popular I am on my own, eh?
But for those few who do sincerely care, I won’t be deleting the site. But I won’t be updating any more, and I’ll be visiting even less. I just wanted to see my name live on seperate from me, to know I’m not the sack of crap I am. But that’s my problem, I guess.



Musing: Commercials

Commercials are always an amazing way to check your reflexes, and see how degenerated the world around you has become, because you’re a paragon of morality and cleverness in a landscape where the trees only bear Annoying Oranges.

For example, take that one commercial… you know the one; it has a catchy jingle, toys and is aimed at children?

Not specific enough?

What about the ladybug that eats Orbeez?

You know what sticks in my head after listening to and watching that commercial? The way it quickly glosses over the lyric that not only does it eat the Orbeez, but can poop them as well. They continue on is if the words were never mentioned, and it…bugs me.

Have you seen any commercials that are a bit too casual? ,


Reminisce 11: Art.




Reminisce 10: Eye-Bunny


Yeah, this Reminisce has got about 5 more post before we go back to normal.

My Tumbles:
http://askdoctorsargo.tumblr.com/ (story)

http://bobsmanlyhats.tumblr.com/ (mod)

Daddy needs more followers,


Life, Story, and Updates.

I’ve decided that I don’t really need to drop you guys into the personal happenings of my life; this blog is about your entertainment, not my diary entries.

So, Comics and Art Day updates will continue to be on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Musings will still be random.

As for the promised story, I’ve decided to embrace the “brony” part of me a little bit, and started a tumblr called Bob’s Manly Hats. “Bob’s” is the Mod Blog for a story I’m working on called Ask Doctor Sargo, the link for which can be found on “Bob’s”. It’s an ask blog, so feel free to ask anything that relates to what has happened so far.




Reminisce 9: Falcon Portals.

The Future of Martial Arts.


*MESSAGE FROM THE FUTURE* The  Story I’ve been talking about will be more along the lines of a photo journal, and will be done as daily updates.


Reminisce 8: Eye Snake

All the right curves in acceptable locations

“I think it has a hand.”